Sometimes your face doesn’t want to be body slammed by a big, strong beer. That’s when you tag in Pepe Loco. In 2019, we helped Santa Fe Brewing company launch a light, easy-drinking Mexican-style lager, and along with it, a beer-drinking luchador of the same name.

The name Pepe Loco was actually inspired by a bottle of rot gut tequila that one of the brewers discovered during a night of drinking shenanigans. It felt like that story had limited marketing legs, so we re-imagined Pepe Loco as a fun-loving luchador and put his face on the can. The beer itself was intended to live not on the craft beer shelf, but with the other Mexican-style lagers. In this context, we thought something simple and graphic would stand out the most.

The craft beer aisle in a liquor store can be pretty overwhelming, so we obviously needed a 15-pack design that was eye-catching. We also wondered if we could create something innovative and interactive--without incurring any additional production costs. So we created a box that could carry beer AND double as a luchador mask for anyone who wanted to become Pepe Loco while simultaneously drinking Pepe Loco. 

And we said, "Well, we've gone this far... Let's make Pepe Loco a real guy." So we made a costume. And we got a guy that had no problem wearing it. He became the legend.