Smart Warehousing is a 3PL based in Edgerton, KS with 25 storage and fulfillment facilities in 11 states. What’s so smart about what they do? Good question. Back in 2001, they invented SWIMS—the first web-based inventory management system that let companies remotely control their own inventory. Thanks to booming e-commerce, the company grew fast. Like crazy fast. And while everyone was busy picking, packing and shipping orders, a little of their voice and personality was lost over the years. They asked us to help them find it.

First, we talked to employees from top to bottom to get their thoughts on the company and what it meant to them. We then created an internal branding campaign based around a simple line:  That’s the Smart way. It was a little more than a tagline. It became a mantra and rallying cry. An ownable phrase that immediately told employees and customers that our way was different. And since Smart Warehousing operates as a mostly invisible (but crucial) link between companies and customers, we used a puzzle piece as our visual.

We covered the corporate office and all 11 warehouses with posters, signs, floor graphics and banners carrying our new messaging. We utilized bathroom walls, break rooms and forklift bumpers. We also designed a new employee kit to welcome new members to the team. People smiled. Others high-fived. Morale went up. Turnover went down.