YRC Freight is one of the largest and oldest trucking and logistics companies in the United States. In fact, more than 90 years ago they practically invented LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipping. As their business has continuted to evolve over the years, they asked us to help bring a little swagger back to the company and deliver a shot of confidence to new and existing customers. It was time to remind everyone about all the services they offer, their extensive network and that they’ve got great, hard-working people who know this business better than anyone.

We started off by creating a new tagline for YRC Freight. Since they basically invented the entire concept of LTL shipping, we wanted it to reflect their history and experience in the logistics category. This tagline became a filter by which all work was subject to, both internally to employees and externally to clients.


The campaign had internal and external components that introduced a totally new look and feel. Internally, we plastered the terminals and corporate offices with banners, stickers and posters. We created videos. And we designed notebooks, t-shirts and other customer swag. It was tough, gritty and focused on their greatest asset—the bad-ass people doing the work.  


We launched our bold, new look and more confident brand voice externally with a video introduction. We also updated every piece of printed material YRC Freight uses from print advertising to trade show booths to sales materials. And because we have 15,000 free rolling billboards, we even wrapped some trucks.